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I have a question about the ability to quickly dowload a file to the DP7xx display using a USB host instead of the CG150. Downloading a file using the CG150 takes 15 minutes. How I can to do? I have Guide 7.2.10 and the DP710 monitor. The monitor has a front USB slot that I would like to use. Should the settings in outputs must be changed to USB host C5p06 and 07? In order for the monitor to download the program, it is enough to upload an .lhx file to a flash drive?


15 minutes downloading with the CG150?  it sounds like something is not right. 

on my side it takes less than a minute

I recommend you upgrade your GUIDE and service tool to version 11 or higher

not sure if the front USB can be used for downloading firmware, if so all what you have to do is select the right way to communciate through the service tool.

with the DP6xxx when setting the communication gateway, the DP6xx appears as a choice,

I have none of those DP700 with front USB but try by get it connected when running the service tool and check gateway, then display and see if it is found there, if so just get it selected.

I hope it helps

I believe that on the first time you download a program to a DP7xx display or other large-ish Danfoss display it does take 10-15 minutes or so with the CG150 for some reason.  Subsequent downloads of program updates will take less time.  It's just that first download.  That's my recollection at least from the 2 or so I've done.

We're running about 10 mins on our DP710s on first download pretty much every time... much faster on subsequent updates, as Tom says.  Nature of the beast, I am afraid.

Ordered one of the next-gen 710s (with increased brightness and IPS)... curious if it will be the same way.


the ones I got did flash right away the first time  no time consumption.

however I had that experience with the DM1000 but it was 2 and half hours for the 1st flash only or if I update the HWD file.

I guess I was lucky??


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