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Kvaser drivers work on windows 7 - the CG150 is a USB Leaf - want to try it out? - i know they work on  with my i5 dell laptop with canking and a Kvaser USBscanII.

I hope Guide 5 is a step away from an IDE core based on a old pcb editor written in delphi........

You seem to be really pro-kvaser :)
I'll give 'em a try. Why not. Though I don't know if the Service Tool will be able to recognize the CG150 after that. Plus, it's not that it's Windows 7, it's that it is a Windows 7 64bit. Other 32bit system will support the drivers.
And I personally don't see anything wrong with a 'IDE core based on a old pcb editor written in delphi'. To me it looks like a CAD engine and I'm perfectly fine with it. The environment isn't perfect, but than what is. Some may find it perfect for them. I would call it - well designed. But that's still just me talking.

My i5 laptop IS 64bit windows7 Pro

Well not sooooo pro Kvaser - they ARE expensive - but the driver allows simultaneous  PC programs to access the same kvaser interface all at once

1st) Hydraulic Machine Simulation c++ program – I redirect Input signals to come from can data so I can simulate the real machinery, speeds analogue reading , pressures and the relationships between outputs and input signals eg motor turns on - rpm back.
2nd) Engine simulation c++ Program (engine readings etc, load simulation)
3rd) c++ program to generate SPN/FMI’s with BAM multi-packet mode for testing fault screens

This model allows me to reuse the Engine and SPN_FMI programs on other applications or products

on IDE's I guess i have seen a lot - PLC's, Visual Studio, Borland, Microcontrollers mainly

My Biggest Wishes for Guide 5 would be:

1) Online Variable viewing & Editing IN THE IDE!!!! - The service tool would implement a protocol to read & WRITE data from any RAM location - this can be disabled if not in debug mode - so like PLC's we can see data where we want in the blocks

2) Display our own ANSI strings on Displays - Imported form text lists or CSV – so we could import a predefined alarms list

4) Proper alarm system between controllers and displays – a block can be used in a MC50 to send an alarm to be logging intelligently on the display! A display component would then show A SPN/FMI/Source with the time it occurred on the screen – the text list can be imported to simplify.

5) Setpoint editing built in - between controllers – a fully named parameter in a controller can be edited with a component in a Screen – this is using the NV/EEPROM protocol already in the service tool.

I already use Data on Change to keep the bus load low and have already done 4+5 as best I can with standard blocks. I guess I can dream on about live editing… lol – still good controllers but SD must realize they are no easy to use on increasingly complex machines

Guide v5.0.8 has been released today, however we have to wait until tommorow to get the license file to use it  :)


I got the information from SD a few minutes ago and am waiting for the download link ???

Now everything gets fine....


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