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DM1000 ImageViewer GIF support



I have tried uploading a GIF to DM1000 display using the functionality ImageViewer.
It is specified there that GIF is a supported format.
However, on the screen it shows the GIF I have uploaded but it is not animated. Just static one frame picture.
So it is actually not supported for dynamic animations?
Is the only way to upload a dynamic picture, is to have a video and use media player?


After talking to people who should know and done some tests I can confirm that "Animated" GIFs are not supported.


There is a one way to have a GIF like animation, but it is a little clunky. I've used it to have a simple little pixel fire animation on my DM430.
Step 1. Extract the individual frames of the GIF file using a tool, I just used an online one.
Step 2. Create an image list in the screen editor project library, add the individual frames to a sub folder, and then edit the image list to include the frames from the sub folder.
Step 3. Add the Image list to the screen area and then set the ActiveIndex property to an input signal.
Step 4. Add an oscillator and a counter to increment the ActiveIndex of the list every x milliseconds, mine was every 40ms, some of the frame split tools will tell you what the delay is.



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