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--- Quote from: G30RG3 on January 21, 2021, 08:49:48 AM ---About the only thing I can think of to explain such an issue are hardware problems.
Are you certain the baud rate is correct and the signals are healthy? Termination OK?
Adding a device like the CG150 might reduce the oscillations on the bus

--- End quote ---

Perhaps the slave has a CAN-chip inside, which only works with 11-bit can, not with 29 bit can bus, its to cheap?
There are devices which doesn't work with can messages short and long at the same time.
Is your service tool off and only can king on?


I found my problem. It was the request command to writte down the object dictionary. I had 22 which is not a valid one, it has to be 23 for 4 bytes writte down. as I said the funny thing is that when sniffing with the CG150 or PEAK it did work. but now it is been resolved it works stand alone

now I have a different question I will start another topic

thank you guys for the hints


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