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WS403/503 Parsing CAN traffic

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Any update on the PDC Builder Tool?  Honestly, we're looking at other telematics solutions due to how difficult it is to get a WS403 system up and running.

Also, I'm not sure if there's a good quick start guide out nowadays (not feeling like navigating the website to find out), but I remember this needing improvement as well.

Unforutnally based on a recent experience with having to contact support about an issue with the WS403 that we have been testing I don't think Danfoss are serious about Telematics. After in initial quick response from the Plus+1 help desk to say the issue had been referred to the Telematics team, it took 4 working days for someone to check that there were no issues at the portal side. Two further replies to this email asking for suggestions took 15 working days to get a response.

We discussed this internally and while we believe that Telematics will be a great benefit to both us and our customers and Danfoss is the obvious choice as we are using Plus+1 we have decided test solutions from other suppliers.


Hi all!

From a Helpdesk point of view we still need to ask the Telematics team for help when we get more detailed questions on our Connected Solutions products because of the complexity and for some of the components only the Telematics team have access e.g. the portal. Therefore, our response can be a little bit slower than normal.

When it comes to the Telematics team they have been forced to deal with some adjustments to their team recently. Therefore, a gap of coverage was created as they work to manage the additional workload with the remaining resources. There is a requirement out for this backfill, which will help to improve our coverage in the future and prevent similar issues.

Acmall is right, we didn’t respond as promptly as we should have. However, everything we reviewed indicated the device should be able to connect. We've asked for a video of the device to be able to take the next step for troubleshooting and read commands from the device.

FluidPowerTom unfortunately, we don't have any update on the PDC builder tool. There is a Danfoss Telematics Solutions - Portal manual that can be found here; . I think this is a good step-by-step instruction from logging in to the portal to how to understand and set up all of the available information.

We are aware of the troubles with finding your way or searching for information on our website and we are trying to contribute as much as we can to its improvements but the design is not up to us.

Please don't hesitate to contact us here on the forum or by our email!

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team


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