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hey guys

Here is the thing, when saving the logged data to a stick memory, the CSV file gets the name assigned on the APP LOG.

let´s say I erase the data on the app log, then start a new log that of course will have the same name already assigned. then if I want to save it to the stick memory it just does not work, basically it will not overwrite the csv file already on the stick memory.
It will not create a new csv file probably named the same but with a underscore and a 1 added.

does anyne knows if that is possible? I mean downloading the logged data to the stick memory and adding a number or underscore to the CSV file name so that it is not the same and the downloading is possible.

after all 16MB for logging is not too much and depends on what you log and how often so it will be great if once the app log gets full it download the file to the stick, then does an erase and start over again, if the app log ges full again it does the same and so on..well that is possible except for the fact that the next CSV file is named the same then it does not overwrite it and you are stuck right there.

thanks for the advise

sorry I forgot about the 2 function blocks available for downloading the data to the CSV file. it seems to be possible there to change the name for the csv file.

i will give a try



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