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Hello There,

Does anyone knows what are the values for the app log status in a DP700?

for instance when writting down data to the internal memory
when downloading data to the memory stick
when erasing data of the internal memory.
when the app log is full also

it seems that the values from the Advanced training are no longer valid, matter of fact, the DM430 outputs differetnvalues than the DP700

thanks you all

I am getting the App Log Status by creating a U16 output in the App Log and assigning Status to that output. I haven't attended the advanced training so don't know if this is the same.


ok I took the advanced training some years ago, DM were not ready for the market.

that is correct, now, on the variable you  it will get the status of the app log.

what are those values? , see attached file, those values/bits were for a DP600 but for the DM430 -not all- or the DP700 it just not true.

I can see what outputs when a state is happening but I wonder if there is a Danfoss reference so that I can compare and check if that matches, the odd thing is that it is not the same for the Dm430 and the Dp700.

what values do you get for each state of the app log?


I was about to reply that I got them from the API Specification but then I checked and it is not there!

It is actually listed in the Guide User Manual under Application Log Definition Properties. For the Guide 11.1 manual it is on page 520.

ok I see the status for APP LOG 2

ok for DM430 the status when it is full is not matching what the manual says, it should be a 0x0008 or bit 4 is set,It gives me a 9 or bit 1 and bit 4 are set. see picture.

now for the DP720, also it does not match the status values of the manual, when not logging itshows a 0X0030  or 48 decimal, when logging it shows a 0x0031 or 49 decimal.   that is why I am trying to see if I am doing something wrong...

Now the file with the logged data I get is good.  all I want is to be sure the status values/bits I check for logic decision make will be always the same since they do not match what the manual says.


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