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Language Translation for String Passed into a Widget From GUIDE


I have an application that must switch between 2 languages at the press of a button on the DP710, namely, English and Russian. I am able to successfully translate all my Text Definitions in the VBSE and have the Russian text displayed properly (Arial).

Now for some of my widgets, I am passing String signals from my GUIDE program through to the widget in the VBSE. It does not seem like this signal can have a Russian translation defined in the same way as it can for a Text Definition? What is the easiest way to achieve this translation on a passed String signal?

I have attached my solution to this as shown below, which should theoretically work (hopefully there is an easier way). The problem I have however is that when I copy and paste the Russian text into the String signal, GUIDE passes through '?????' instead of the Russian text. How do I solve this? I have tried to add the Cyrillic code set point but have had no luck


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