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Dp200 connecting to printer

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Hi, I have a dp200 that I want to be able to print values from. I see some people have used an Epson printer, I’m guessing either USB or serial. Are are guys doing it with the dp200, getting a CAN converter?

What type of printer do you need?

We use a thermal receipt type printer connected to a DP720 display via the RS232 interface but, I am not sure if the DP200 has hardware support for RS232.
If this is what you are after there are a few available with CAN. Try a search for taxi or bus receipt printer.

acmall, I am currently trying to figure out how to connect a Mylox printer to a DP600 via RS232 and I am not sure where to start. How do you send data? I will apologize in advance as I am a completely newbie to RS232.

Is your screen the older DP600 or the newer DP600TM. I think this might make a difference, I only have the TM version which shares the output pins between USB and RS232 and needs to be configured for which one is being used. I am not sure if the DP600 is the same.

To further complicate this some versions of the templates do not include predefined pages for RS232. Check in your Outputs page,  do you have any RS232 pages?

It is a DP610TM. I do have a "RS232_USB page in the outputs of the template.


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