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Mike AA:
I haven't yet found somewhere I can watch the current download or upload speed of the telematics WS403 device. I am currently hooked in with a yellow signal strength and uploading the Display program takes about 4 minutes vs barely a minute with direct connection. Is there a setting somewhere that I may have missed to help my upload and download speeds? Pulling the applog also takes quite a while to download.

Mike Aalderink

Sorry, I only know the other way:
Download software to DP610 via USB: 1minute, via CAN CG150: 8 minutes. (large program)
So, I think WS403 is slower than CAN and transponding data is slower.

Mike AA:
Thanks Marbek_Elektronik,

I usually use a CG150 and today I had an instance where the WS403 had too poor of signal and took over half an hour before i stopped the transfer. The DP710 file is 4,994KB and I ended up having to go out to the machine and leave my laptop directly connected as the transfer, normally about 4 minutes took about 10 minutes. Apparently my Collegue's idea of a good antenna location wasn't so great.

I have not yet used the DP710 as my USB interface to download the program but I will likely use this in the near future.



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