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hey guys

i got this TRINAMIC step motor with CANopen, so far  I have been able to make it work using SDO. A DP610 is the master, it sends the NMT, Hearbeat and SYNC message and of course the SDO to move the step motor shaft.

so according with the manual the TPDOx must be activate by setting bit 30 of OD 1803 sub index 01, but also at OD 1803 subindex 2 you set the event trigger to transmit the PDO. I do all that and I got the confirmation message

however for some reason when I go in operational mode the PDO is never sent, what could I be missing?

I juts monitor the bus to see if the message is been sent by the motor but never gets there

thanks for the advise

Found the issue.

this was the 1st time working with CANopen so I got confused at some point.

the issue was the NMT, I was relying on the NMT device state which is not the same as the NMT for network management, the NMT device state for operational state  ouputs a 5 not 1, that is why the motor never started sending the PDO´s it was always in preoperational mode.

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