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Service Tool V11 over WS103



Am I the only one using the WS103 Wireless access in combination with the service tool?
It seems Danfoss forgot to update the WS103 wireless drivers when they released V11 of Guide and the S.T.
Or I'm blind and someone will get me a link for an updated driver...

Hi G30RG3!

There was an updated driver when we released v10.1 that was mentioned in the release notes as;

"[F00385] Feature: WS Telematics/Wireless gateway password support
- Possible to set a gateway password in Service Application properties.
- Password is used when connecting to Danfoss WS devices (no password needed for devices
with default configuration).
- Note: Version 1.1.x or later is required for WS Telematics/Wireless drivers."

Maybe you updated to v11.0 from an earlier version than that? You can find the latest driver here;

Always remember to read the release notes at release of a new version!

I hope this helps!

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team

I was running 10.1, and in that version, I can still select the gateway. In version 11 the gateway is absent...
I'll need to check this tonight, but AFAIK I'm already using the 1.1.x driver


We haven't seen this issue but if it persists please send an email to with screen dumps of what Service tool shows in your Communication menu and as well the list with installed programs (Control panel -> Programs and features) where you should find your 1.1.x driver in the list.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team

So I've searched for a few weeks, unable tp believe I'm that stupid to be unable to install/reinstall a stupid driver...
In the end I contacted the helpdesk, and they replied near instantly that I had to install driver version 1.2.0 (with a sendthru link)
v 1.2 is/was not on the downloadsite ... V1.1.0 was. So now I feel stupid for not contacting the helpdesk sooner.


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