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Mike AA:
I am using the Telematics for much more than just error recording. We are actually working on using it to stream data to nearby laptops or other mobile devices so engineers can watch the data our machine is collecting. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to read the clock from the Telematics to the DP710 so that I can set the clock to the GPS time. We wish to link the saved data to another GPS locator which is following our location so we want the time to be synced as close as possible to have the data points match up.

Has anyone tried to get the time from the Telematics? Is this even feasible? We are using the WS403. I have constant battery supply so syncing to the GPS or cellular band is not an issue.


Mike AA:
So I was informed you can get the time from the Telematics simply using a transmit function. Now the fun is that the time in in Epoch seconds.



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