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I've got a customer with an issue with the service tool for PVED-CC S5 CANOpen: This tool is almighty slow to navigate, refresh and change parameters, especially when more than one PVE is connected. 
The P1D used is Service_Page_PVE_S5_CANopen_Remease_Customer_Version_2_7.p1d (version sept 2019) and I believe the customer has tried the service tool 12.2 and 2021.2.
Is there a way to speed things up? Is anyone else experiencing a slow response on the Service tool?

B.R. G.

For what it's worth, there are several places where I find the 2022.2.5 service tool to be much faster.

I have experienced slow service tools (I don't use the one you are talking about much), but the CS500 one sped up a bunch with this latest GUIDE version update.


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