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A service tech sent me a Plus+1 log file with the filename extension ".p1log-journal" and I'm unable to open it using Plus+1 Service Tool.  Until now, every log file I've received had a ".p1log" filename extension, without the "-journal" added onto it. How can I get this ".p1log-journal" file open and look at data?

Hi gregbosma,

Sorry about the late response, but I saw that you got help from the PLUS+1 Helpdesk.
I thought I write something here as well if someone else run into this.

According to the developers the ".p1log-journal" is a temporary file and cannot be opened by PLUS+1 Service Tool. The actual log file always have the ".p1log" extension.
I guess something went wrong during the log and a ".p1log" file wasn't created.

Have a nice day.


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