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My system is close to max CAN bus capacity and I need to turn check points on and off when using service tool.

Applying a constant True or False boolean can be complied but if I use a set value component or a switch between the boolean constant and the "Advanced Checkpoint with Namespace" the following error comes up.

* ***Error 22 *** [CHPARGU2] ILLEGAL TYPE: {BOOL} ON COMPONENT: {Advanced Checkpoint with Namespace}, Entry A{2}
I tried compiling with Guide versions 2021.2, 2021.1, and 12.2 with the same results.

In the Plus+1 manual the A2 pin list Bool as a valid connection, is this intentional or is there a different way to interface with the check point to turn it on and off?

The advanced checkpoints can only use a True for False constant.

From the manual

--- Quote ---The input to A2 must only be from a True or a False component; switched True and False inputs cause compiler errors

The compile process makes this component permanently:

Active if a True component is connected to its A2 input

Inactive if a False component is connected to its A2 input

Cannot be switched between active and inactive states by the Service Tool program or through an application
--- End quote ---

Checkpoints only load the bus when being actively monitored. Here is a link to another forum thread where this was discussed.

If you are having issues you could try reducing the number of checkpoints being monitored at the same time.


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