Lots of Compilation Error 24 Caused by Hardware Blocks


I'm extremely new to PLUS+1.  I'm writing code for a MC024-120.  I'm using 2x M46HC_12V hardware blocks for 40 series pumps and the S90_EDC_1 hardware block to control a 90 series pump.  I set up the 90 series block several months ago and tested it by using an analog input to control the output value.  At the time I was waiting on Joysticks to control the two 40 series pumps, so I added the hardware blocks for the pumps but didn't connect them to an input. 

After waiting several months, my J1939 joysticks finally arrived today.  I went back into my code to add the J1939 receive blocks for the joysticks, but the first time I tried to compile I got a LONG list of errors like the one below, all of them relating to the values on the Config_Data pages for the hardware blocks. 


If I understand correctly, this error is saying that I have multiple values connected to the same input, but I haven't changed any of the values from their defaults or added anything to the Config_Data pages.  Each item on the Config_Data page has just one value connected.  I tried removing the hardware blocks and re-adding them in case I had accidentally changed a setting, but that didn't help.

I know each hardware block needs to have a unique name in the Namespace field, and I have done that.  As far as I can tell, the configuration values for the hardware blocks are colliding somewhere in the code, but I have no idea how to correct this. 

Any and all help is appreciated, and thank you in advance!


I was able to get some help from one of the programmers at our Danfoss distributor. 

All of the errors were due to the fact that I had the Fault and Diag outputs from all three hardware blocks connected to the main Fault and Diagnostic busses.  Since all three blocks use the same names for the fault and diag values, this was causing a huge number of compile errors. 

I created sub-buses for diagnostic and faults for each of the blocks and the program compiled without errors.  Problem solved!  I hope this thread helps some other confused newbies in the future.


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