CAN communication with Siemens PLC

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Good morning

I would like your help regarding CAN communication. For a project I use the Danfoss XL-104 as a slave and a Siemens ET200SP as a master with a CAN module connected to it. Via the CAN module, various analog signals are forwarded to the CAN connections of the XL-104. However, I don't know much about Danfoss and I don't really understand the CAN components in the danfoss program. I've watched the Danfoss video ( several times but I don't really understand what to connect from the input line to the CAN module. By this I mean reading out the data that must be connected to the CAN module, but also what I still have to place on the other connections to properly convert / transport the analogue signals from the Siemens plc. Is there a video or a document where I can refer to this information?

Thank you in advance!

Are you pretty familiar with applying CAN on other platforms, or are you newer to CAN bus in general?  Depending on your answer it might be worth a phone call to your distributor to schedule a 30-45 minute discussion.

Hey Daan,

just curious why you need the siemens PLC since you got a "huge" Danfoss controller? will it be just to interface the HMI.

sounds like what you need is CANopen of course the danfoss controller can work that way just keep in mind that in such case you need to create all functions for CANopen -as a slave- using the Danfoss function blocks.

hope this gives a little help


Hey Tom and Pinias

I know how to communicate between 2 siemens CAN modules, but otherwise I have relatively little knowledge about this.

To answer your question Pinias, I use an XL-104 because I am making a hydraulic test bench on which many different types of valves, cylinders, installations can be tested. I need enough inputs and outputs for this. The more normal consumers are operated via the siemens plc and the more exotic consumers via the Danfoss controller.

Do you also mean that I need a separate CAN module for every consumer that is sent to the Danfoss controller via the siemens CAN module?

Thanks in advance for the quick response and all the help!

The nice thing about PLCs, in my limited experience, is that any sort of fieldbus they use, like CAN, is usually integrated into the platform in such a way that you don't have to really learn any low level details of the communication.  That's especially the case if it's between modules of the same brand.  I'd guess that operating within the Siemens platform that almost all of the details about CAN communication like the CAN ID format and endianness is not required knowledge.

Mobile controllers seem to more often require you to learn more about the details of the communication.  I think you are going to have to spend some time reading some fundamental CAN bus application articles if you have not already.  There is a lot available out there fortunately.


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