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H1B KM Prop hardware on IOX pin

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Hi all,
Anyone ever tried to control a H1B Proportional motor via the Compliance block and an IOX MF-pin?
I'm getting a compile error in the Fault_Detect(11000000,13750000) location.   The message is Error 21: No output connected to component: Multiply, Entry A1
A pity this is a view-disabled page, but I suspect the IOX doesn't offer the complete feedback as the main MC-pins do...

Am I right?
Is there a solution?

Update:  Seems ActPWM feedback value is missing...  So: What're my options?

BR George

The H1B motors have to be used on an MCU, it can't be used on a X Module

You might be able to connect the signal it's looking for with a constant (might need to be a typed value) that's in the right range to fool the fault trapping into submission.

Hi George,

You can add ActPWM feedback to IO modules, you just have to request the data from the module, as it does not broadcast it by default.

Check out SUBCMD 12 from the IO datasheet, send a message on bootup, and decode the RX message which will contain your ActPWM values.  You will have to use ID and data masking as the std IO Rx block will not allow you to receive your message.

Also the TX_ID and RX_ID will need to be swapped over, I do that in the IO module page

Hope this helps!


Hi all!

A solution for this was discussed in another thread and adding it here as well for the same topic.

There is a way to use S90 or H1 function blocks together with a I/O module. Please find attached an example application and a presentation to understand how to do the programming part.

I hope this helps!

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team


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