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DP710 - no images but everything else seems to work [RESOLVED]

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So we've been programming DP710 with this same code for years without issue. Then yesterday we went to program a display, it started up alright showing the Danfoss logo, however; after we were done programming it, no images show on the screen.
We thought maybe the display unit was damaged so tried another one, same issue.

You can tell the backlight is on and we still have communication with the buttons. We can also see that the logic of our program seems to work as we can go through our menu on service tool but nothing shows on the display.

Also, not sure if relevant, but we noticed that the screen was getting abnormally hot during testing, at least to 100F.

Any help is much appreciated,
Thank You

I found out that the LCD in the display has had some hardware changes and requires the hardware file for the DP710 to be updated to the latest version.

I had the same situation come up today with the same solution after 2 hours of troubleshooting.  I wish we would get notified of such changes.

Hello dlewis,

My best suggestion at the moment is to use the PLUS+1 Update Center and have it notify you when ever an update is available.

Have a nice day.



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