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I am using an Arial font on my DP710 display gauges. How do I display a degree symbol for degrees Celsius on the gauge? I try to feed in the degree symbol as part of one of my String signals in my gauge driver. However, this character is not displayed on the screen. Is there a special ASCII code I need to use in my gauge driver's String signal or how is this achieved?


I have attached a image on how it's done in the Danfoss EIC application.

The "$C2$B0" part is the degree sign.
If you Google "unicode utf8 degree symbol" you will find more information.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for the assistance, unfortunately this does not work for me. The program compiles but I still only have a "C" displayed on my gauge without a degree symbol. Have implemented the String as shown in the attached image.

Hi sfl_cntrl,

Yes, I forgot a very important thing.
In the screen editor you have to add the degree symbol as well. You can find more information in the user manual, search for "edit code point set".

See image.
1. When in the screen editor, click the {a} symbol in the toolbar.
2. Click the edit button, the pen.
3. Select the Degree symbol in the table, B0.  You can add more symbols if you want.
4. Click OK.
5. Compile and download.

Now the code should work for you.
Sorry about this.

Good Luck

Thank you Tor,

This solution works perfectly, the degree symbol is being displayed on screen now.



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