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« on: August 21, 2012, 05:22:32 PM »
Does the Repeat component pulse true every iteration of the loop, or just on the first iteration?
The documentation says that it's only for the first iteration of the loop.
However, the given example relies on a loop counter being incremented by the pulse(s) coming out of the Repeat.
If it does only pulse on the first iteration, then the example will never iterate over the array, since the loop counter, which provides the index to the array, will never move past 1.
(If however, the Repeat pulses on every iteration, then the array will be looped over infinitely, since the index is being reset every iteration of the loop.)

Since the given example is broken, can someone give a working example of how to iterate over an array?
I need to do exactly this task.



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Re: Repeat-Until
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I also want to know why the Repeat-Until is not available on DP60 displays.
I need to do some very basic looping, to navigate between different pages on the display, which each show unique data.


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Re: Repeat-Until
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At the example in the user manual, you will find that the output from the Repeat is connected to the Reset input of the Loop Counter Level. It looks quite similar to the Loop Counter, but it has an “INC” input rather than a “CLU” input.
The Loop Counter Level in the example is incremented by negating the Repeat output signal.

The repeat until function is newer than the HWD to the DP600 so that is why there is no support for it in the display, sorry for that.
We are working on updates to the DP600 family.

Thanks for your question // Thomas