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Using TSC1_tx with the DP610


I have an application where I should derate current RPM to 1000 RPM before shut down of the engine. So I am requesting this by using the TSC1_tx block. I have set a 01 priority and the transmition rate is set to 15 ms. so It works however it seems to be a conflict between the EMC and the SAUER display because it de rates however the engine tries to go back to what the thortle is sending.

the 1000 rpm's requested are not steady. Does some one has use this function sometime?
Should I do something else in order to properly request a derate by using the TSC1_tx block?

I appreciate any feedback in this matter



Hello Antonio

I have used this block and it works fine, bud I used it in a controller. Maybe you are fighting with the loop time of the display. In my not very big application, the loop time is around 30ms. I think the display can not send a message more then every loop or even every 2ond loop since the Tx-block only send a message on a rising edge.

Can you put this function in a controller in your system? Then you should be fine.

I agree we have had to retro-fit our own external J1939 speed controller (for sale if needed) because a previous design used a DP200 which did not send the TCS1 speed command at the correct J1939 frequency (100Hz/10ms) - in reality it was twice a second! We did some clever stuff which meant we did not have to change any of the DP200 code and just had to send plug in units to customers.

I too tried at one point to use the Display to send the throttle command to the engine, but Display was not fast enough when on busy screens.  So I ended up sending the information from the screen to a controller that then transmitted the throttle command to the engine.  After I did that everything worked great.


Yea I have a controller MC050 in the same system, however it is in the CAN1 but I think I can extend my CAN0.

I have not though about the loop time of the DP600 (lol)



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