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I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for minimizing the "blackout" effects of direct sunlight on the LCD grayscale displays such as the DP200 and DP620.  We're continuing to experiment with hood designs, but they are not always effective, especially when the sun is low in the sky.

On the DP620 I wrote into the program to automatically adjust the contrast according to temperature.  This works pretty well.  It seems that on some of the very first 620s it had negative affects, but on the newer 620s it worked very well.  It took some testing on hot days to determine what contrast value at what temperature it would take.  Then I always have manual adjustment on the screen as well.


On our website we have a function block created to lower the internal temperature of the display.

S-D BackLight Function Block

The BackLight function block is used reduce internal display temperature by means of
automatically limiting the backlight intensity.

I hope it helps by using the function block.


Hi Thomas.

Is the block on the website for DP620? I believe that this block only works on color displays, or?



That's correct, Niska. The block will only work in DP600 and DP610.

Best regards


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