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Wireloom OY:

Our company is new user of Plus+1 Guide and Danfoss hydraulic components.
We need to build up project for our forest crane operating for Danfoss valves. We use 2 PROF1 yoystics + MC024 controller + 8 PVEA actuators.
I am beginner on programming field. I passed free e-learning courses.
I already started with project but need somebody to assist me to look project over and help to find weak points.

With best regards,


I really haven't got time to look anything over, but I can offer some advice.  First, I recommend going through the tutorials in the GUIDE user manual starting on page 502.  The e-learned, sadly, is very much outdated in many ways. 

Next, use the Service Tool to monitor input from your joystick (CAN or no?).  If it is a CAN joystick then you'll want to get the Compliance block for it to make it easier to pick up the X and Y axis.  Then you'll want to get the Compliance block for the PVEA actuator.  These compliance blocks have a user manual that you'll want to at least skim.  Also the technical manual for your PVEA will indicate how to wire it and what sort of signal it needs (10% to 90% of battery voltage I think).  Following all that, see if you can get one joystick axis to drive one PVEA and go from there.

Wireloom OY:
Hello Tom,

Thank You very much for You time to give advice.
Yes we use CAN joysticks. I will go through the manual, go forward with blocks and try to get first actions to move.

With best regards,


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