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Hi All!

We are currently developing a Functional Safety Training for our customers.

We have ideas to what to include in a training but I am interested in to know what you would like to see in such a training to meet your expectations?
Your feedback is very valuable as this training will be designed to meet your needs.

Sorry for being a bit vague in my the description of the course but I do not want to limit your ideas what you would like to see.

Looking forward to your feedback // Thomas

Hi Thomas,

I would personnally like to see everything!  Legal requirements, how to design a safe system, hardware requirements, sensor requirements, software design, general good practices, CAN bus design etc etc...and the reasons to use Plus+1 over the competition.  (I am not suggesting there are none, I simply would need to 'sell' it).

Regards Richard

Hi Richard!

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

Our goal is to provide a good overview and more in-depth information when possible. During a training like this it is not possible to penetrate every topic due to time limitations but we are right now working on an agenda where we do a mix of overview and in-depth. The topic is for the training is a really wide with a lot of information to be shared.

I'll keep posting information regarding the training in this thread.

Best regards // Thomas

Hello Thomas,

would it be on-line or class?



It will be a face to face training. The topic is rather complex and face to face is a more effective learning.



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