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ExecTimeWork=1 but ExecTime=3


I was looking at the ExecTime on one of my very large applications and saw something curious.  The ExecTimeOut is set to 1.  The ExecTimeWork shows 1 in the Service Tool, but ExecTime reports 3.  What else is there that might be causing all of the overhead?  It's not a problem for this application, but I'd like to better understand this since I'm working on an application where I need to keep ExecTime low.

I remember seeing a graph and some info about the processing loop for a display but I can't find now.

It was something like: -
[Main Task = Read Inputs - Application - Write Outputs
[---------------------ExecTimeWork------------------------] Background Task = Applog, Graphics, NV]

If I remember correctly the background tasks could be queued and executed over several loops. A controller won't have the graphics routine but it may be similar.


I think the graph you saw are located in the DM1x00 API document.  Search for "Main and background tasks".

Have a nice day

That makes sense.  However, this is not on a display, and it's not using the AppLog.  It was on a MC050-110.

I'm still curious what might be going on here


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