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WARNING! Service Tool 2022.3.7


Hi, I just downloaded the latest ServiceTool and it has a serious and dangerous bug when importing parameter files, see attached pictures for an example.

The parameters "Transport_Page1_Enable" and "Transport_Page10_Enable" are Booleans but when I import the parameters into the parameter list in the latest ServiceTool it looks like the values from "Transport_Hinge_Flow_A" and "Transport_Hinge_Flow_B" is used instead of the actual values in the XML file.  :o

Same happens with other parameters in the list as well.


I talked to the PLUS+1 Service Tool developers and found out that you are correct. There is an issue with importing XML files.
As far as I understood, the problem occurs when there is a difference between the XML list you import and the parameter list in the Service Tool. I don't have any more details.

My recommendation is to use the 2022.2 version until this is fixed.

Sorry about any inconvenience.


There's a new version of the PLUS+1 Service Tool, v2022.3.8, released in the Update Center.

Image from the release notes.

Have a nice day.

Thanks, now it works well.
The new ServiceTool also appears faster then 2022.2, specially when it comes to downloading parameters.


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