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How to save a STRING to NV?

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I'm using the DM1000T screen for the first time. I would like it to create a Wifi AccessPoint with a specified SSID and Password that would be stored in NV memory and that could be changed from ServiceTool.

None of the Non-Volatile Memory Dynamic component seems to accept a STRING value type.

So, how do you store a parameter of String type in NV memory that could be changed from Service Tool as a parameter?

I know I could store each char as a U8 using a single NV component for each and then concatenate them into a String, but because the SSID and PASS are 32 and 64 char long respectively, I do not think that this is the best solution.

Let me know if you have a potential solution for this.

Have a good day!

we create text strings from display. We have 4 Lines and 36 characters per line and wie select with all the keys. It works as fast as with mouse.

You arr right: Service tool can't handle text arrays. I have tell helpdesk this years ago and there is no possibility select "ascii".
Or, is it possible in new V12? I am using 11.6.


This would be great to have, a NV memory for Strings that can be changed in the Service Tool. But as Marbek_Elektronik pointed out, this has been a wish for a long time, and it seems to be very complicated to implement into PLUS+1 GUIDE.
There's the "Set Value" component that handles strings, and you can read strings in service tool with a checkpoint. The step to have a NV memory that handles string doesn't seem to be a very big step?  =)

I'm sorry, but I don't have any better solution for you in this matter.
As long as these issues comes up from you guys, we can point out to the developers that this is what the customer wants. So keep it up.

Have a nice day.

+1 vote for NV memory components that can store strings. I store operator input text on a DP720 for one of our machines which requires 140 individual NV memory components.

For me this would have been a better use of developer time than the changes to the user interface in V12.

I'd be checking to see if STRING type variables will save as RETAIN variables in the Structured Text POU.  That'd be by far the easiest way.


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