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Access levels


Access to individual signals
Different users typically require access to different sets of signals, e.g.;

* Application developer – access to all signals
* Service technician – less access than the Application developer
* Machine operator – less access than the Service technician The application developer will determine and program the access level for individual signals and parameters in the PLUS+1 GUIDE. It is set independently for reading data and writing data. The Access Level is a number between “0” and “9”, where “0” requires the highest level of access. There are two additions to that:

* Default value “_” is equal to access level “9”
* Disable “D” which means that it cannot be accessed from the PLUS+1 GUIDE Service ToolMost common components with Access Level:

* NV memory
* Set Value/ Set Pulse
* Checkpoint
* API signals
* Module connection
* Application Log
All details can be found on page 7 in the System Security Strategy document (L1403070 Rev AA Feb 2014) included in your installation package which you find in the Danfoss folder on your Windows Start menu. Please see the attachment for some hands on examples.

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