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We have a Youtube channel with tutorial videos!


Hi all!

I'm reallly happy to inform you all that we just released a Youtube channel where you can go to find tutorial videos;

If you have any suggestion for videos please comment in this topic!

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team

Hello all.
An easier to remember path to our YouTube channel is
We also have a LinkedIn group that you can join.
In the group we publish new releases of YouTube videos, upcoming trainings etc.


Those videos are a great start.  Very nice work there.  Jonas, is that your suave voice narrating the videos? 

I was watching the POU Program tutorial video.  How did you get the LED icons from CoDeSys to work in the Service Tool?  Is it just one image of each LED turned on and one of each turned off that was imported?  I can't see any other way.

the LEDs in Service Tool Page are added Images which are controlled via its Visibility property settings to hide and show with a reference signal and compared with a contant value "TRUE" for example (see Attachment).


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