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Is there a way to extend the Drawing Area? Or perhaps reduce the size of the buss and text? (I use a lot of Cad So I am used to moving around with the roller, so zooming in and out is 2nd nature for me.) I realize they want you to separate the data onto separate pages but I would find it confusing if a buss was unnecessarily parsed between multiple pages.
I just need a little more room to fit it in and make it look good.

Any ideas?

I'm interested in knowing if there's a way yet to delete that title block / drawing area.  I completely ignore it.  It's vanishingly rare for a customer to request print outs of the programming; I think in almost 10 years I've maybe had that request once.  I habitually just move the input and output busses down beneath that drawing area or just extend down below it as needed.


The drawing area is set, and can not be changed. But you can uncheck the warning about components outside the drawing area in the options and then you can use as much space as you want.
I wouldn't recommend this since if you keep adding code outside the drawing area it might end up with a code that's hard to follow and review by others.

Have a nice day

Conversely, one might find code harder to follow if similar functions are spread out across multiple pages due to trying to keep things inside of that title block.  I also see people trying to crunch graphical components together tighter than necessary or make nested pages in order to make things fit in the title block.

It would be nice to have the pages match a printer paper sizes, so you could use the most common 8.5inch x 11 inch (Letter), Tabloid (11inch x 17inch), A4 (210mm x 297mm) and A3 (297mm x 420mm) the page size would grow/shrink to match.  If you have a complicated page that needs some more space use the Tabloid/A3 size, and for basic pages use the Letter/A4 size.  You could still print but it would allow some flexibility. There have been times when I needed just a little more space to prevent the page from looking messy and cramped. 

--Brian F.


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