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Besides this forum you can reach us by phone and e-mail;

Europe: +46 10 - 44 00 300
North America: +1-763-509-2084
North America toll-free: 1-888-50PLUS1 (+1-888-507-5871)

If you are outside North America or Europe, call either number.

Or send an email to:

If you are a customer of one of our distributors, please first contact your local distributor for support.

All of these contact details can always be found here

Important information to include in your mail or have available before a phone call
  • Have you tried to close your project to P1P, restart GUIDE and then open the P1P-file? This sometimes solves smaller compilation errors etc.
  • A clear description of your issue;
     - What happened and in what order?
     - Preferable e.g. with screen dumps of error messages or even a movie if possible
  • What version of GUIDE/Service tool are you using?
  • Which HWD are you using?
  • Please include your project saved to a .P1P-file. The .P1P-format is really important otherwise we are not able to open up the complete project.
  • If you are connected via Service tool please right click on ECU list and choose Copy ECU list to clipboard and then paste it into the e-mail you send to
  • If your product is located on a machine you might not have easy access to, make sure you take a picture of the product including its label if possible. That could tell us a lot about the hardware.

Also important for license related questions
  • What is your license id? (found in the license manager)
  • Do you have the last email with a product or license key? (If yes copy and paste that into the License manager and click on the Activate/Rehost link in the Register column to the right)
  • Have you searched for help in the Help instruction available in the License manager? (Found under Tools)

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk
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