Author Topic: Request : multiline file address in the File Download Tab  (Read 4588 times)

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Request : multiline file address in the File Download Tab
« on: May 21, 2014, 05:31:48 PM »

On my laptop, I like my things to be organized. So, everything is in a file, then a sub file, then a sub-sub file, etc. This can yield to a very long file address.

When using the Service Tool program to download a new program, when you look at the File Download tab (the one with the "Start Download" button), you can see the file address and at the end, the time key (the date and the hour at which the program was compiled).

The problem is that the "File" field is single line only. If the lenght of the file address is too long, only the first part will be displayed. My concern is that in this example, the "Timekey" isn't shown. I like to verify that the date and the hour of the last compilation of the program I'm going to download.

Refer to the attached pictures to undertand the problem. You can see a file with a short address, the timekey is correctly displayed. On the other picture, you can see a file with a long address and we lost the timekey.

My request : could it be possible for this file address field to be multiline so that the complete address is displayed, no matter the lenght of this address?
Also, maybe have a dedicated field for the timekey?