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Losing Connection on Crank

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I am using a MC050-110 along with a IX024-101.
The machine is a proprietary grinding machine powered by a diesel power unit.

Problem: The service tool detects both units when the power is applied to the controllers. When the engine is started the expander unit disappears and functionality is lost. A rescan with the service tool only shows the MC050 controller. Switching the engine off and powering down for 2 to 3 minutes allows the service tool to find the expander again.
I have checked the cold crank voltage and it only drops to 10 volts from 12 volts when engine not running to 14 volts when running.
I have created an empty project just containing the templates and the problem persists.
The MC050 has two CANS. The expander is connected on CAN1.


Diego M:
This sounds like a loose connection at the IO expansion module (check power and comm wiring), and the vibration makes it worse, but i'm  no expert  :P

Hello and thanks for the response,

the connections are fine, all brand new and correctly crimped.


Which addressing mode are you using for the expansion module?  Are you using address method 1?  Did you set the Node/N1 for your expansion module in both the program and in the expansion module diagnostic parameters?

I would just grab a 12V power supply or separate battery to temporarily power the MC050 and expansion unit.  Be sure the temporary 12V power to the MC050 and expansion unit is isolated from machine 12V, but connect the temporary supply's negative side to the machine negative.  That would rule out or confirm that you have a power issue.

Personally, I almost always put a decent DC-DC converter between the vehicle power and any Plus+1 system, even on 24V systems with a lower percentage droop.  Too many problems with both dips and spikes.


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