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How can MC detects an IO-Module?

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we habe an optional input-module on CAN-bus.
If this module is not connected to the CAN-Bus, the MC needs to know this.
Is there a easy possibility to check wether the module is connected or not?

Maybe a way to check is to listen to the address 0x180+8*node-ID ?

What do you suggest?


I use the Update-Signal from the poewer supply pin of the I/O module. Each time the value is updated, the signal is true. Connect an off-delay and you can detect if the modul is missing.



it is an easy and good idea!

Hi guys

I realize this is an old thread but I figured my question fits the topic so here's my question...

I am also wanting to detect if a module is on the Bus, but I am wanting to detect it from the DP700.  i have an MC088 that is configured with an IOX24-120, an OX12-110 a JS6000 and a Radio controller.   I would like for the Display to check for a heartbeat from the MC88, The IOx24, the OX12, the JS600 Joystick and a radio controller.  The Display is to show an active fault if any of the mentioned devices go offline. I have read the +1 IO Module Communications document and just don't see how the tx message from the OX and IOX module is set up.  I set the IOX module to Node/N1 = 2 and The OX module Node/N1 = 3  using CanKing I can see that the IOX module Transmits on 0x190 and the  OX module transmits on 0x198.  Now what info is actually on those messages is what I am trying to figure out?  Maybe i am going about this all wrong, If anyone has any suggestions I am ready to listen :)  thanks in advance.

I have the "master" of the IO module, in your case the MC088, detect the presence of the IO module as Mebib described (or with an input pin hard-wired to +supply, or with the "Configured" signal from the IO module's CAN sub-bus).  Then I have the MC088 send a CAN message to the screen with a bit flag indicating the IO module connection state.  Naturally, if the MC088 communications fails then the IO module state is unknown, but in that case it's irrelevant anyway.  So I make sure my error messages are prioritized correctly.

All programmable CAN nodes broadcast a status message with the first bit flag always set to TRUE.  The receiver software in the screen then simply forces these flags to FALSE after a short timeout.  Just like a regular software watchdog, and really simple.


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