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SJ Industries:
Hi all, I have been PM'd to see if I can share a numeric keypad example, I am also new to Structured text (and programming in general). I did have a quick go at converting acmall's keyboard to a number pad. I have modified the touch mapping POU, I have not had time complete all the screen editor connections etc and it is completely untested as I don't have a touch screen here yet (apparently covid is holding those up?). Hope it helps with getting idea on how to convert.

You will need to compare acmall's example for how to connect against my dodgy one.

I apologise if it doesn't work properly, I have spent the last few weeks trying to learn structured text and a little bit of C. I find the guide coding much more intuitive for me.

Cheers SJI

I also got a PM and have been trying to point the member in the right direction, due to current workload I don't have spare time to make a keypad version.

One thing that I realised might be confusing for my original example is that you need to either remove the input to the OR on Init coming from the Positive Transition on KeyPressEnter or, use the Positive Transition of KeyPressEnter to store the valve of StrFinal using a Memory or Value Connect component (as in attached image). If not the value of StrFinal gets reset to StrIn on the next program loop. This is only set up like this for demonstration purposes.


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