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EMD Speed Sensor

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We use the EMD Speed sensor in CAN-configuration
200ms message transmission rate to get good filtert values, better than 50ms. 200ms is maximum.

Does anybody know what "MA-Filter" means?
I find no information from Danfoss. We need it very quickly.

Our problem is the value of speed. It isn't constant. It varies over a wide range.
Momently I take an average filter. But I think the original values from EMD-sensor could be better.

Ok, it is multi-average-filter = ma-filter :-)
But how does it works exactly?

Not Multi Average, but Moving Average filter...  And I guess It doesn't need explaining now, but in case of:
It takes the average of the x last samples coming from the hardware.   
Typically sensors take the average of all values since the last data transmission.
Some sensors also give you the option to transmit the AVG, the min, max and act value but AFAIK the EMD sensors don't do this.

On another note: I think your results will be better if you set a shorter transmission rate, and do the filtering in the microcontroller software

Yes, of cource "moving" not "multi", just wrote by doing other error.

But what ist the frequence of hardware sampling?
If there are 64 last data values, what ist the time of it?

Ok, I will use 50ms and compare it with 200ms for data transmission time.

Hardware sampling info: Hey Danfoss, you'll need to answer this one!
In the past, with the KPP sensors, it was easy enough to see the way the signal was generated, since we could count the actual dents or flanges on the speedring.
But I have no idea how the EMD sensor works internally.


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