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I/O module can message identifier Addrmode 2 procedure



It's my first time using can message identifier AddrMode 2 to configurate adresse to Ox024  and IX012 as shown in my first image.
I use also sc024, DM430 and Keypad

First in service tools I see  0,56 and 0,64.  It's like using AddrMode = 1.

In my second picture , I see many error Frames in CANKING.

Please could you tell me what is the cause of those error frames?
What is procedure to do this configuration?

Thank you very much for your help

mac bahi

I think your addressing is not correct, see attached extract from Expansion Module manual/s.
You need to program your controller TX ID and that corresponds to the Expansion module RX ID that you need to set with the Service Tool File.

Hello Lukey,

Thank you very much for your replay.
I had using this table I/O Module CAN Message Identifiers.  Please see image.

Befoe I use Id 56 (7)    but now AddrMode=2  is 0x1B8 and 0x338
                     64 (8)    but now AddrMode=2  is 0x1C0 and 0x340

I didn't find an I/O Module CAN Message Identifiers example but I think my addressage is correct.  But I didn't know step by step to do that.
What I did: I change my configuration in Plus+1 as I tell you and after that I change by service tools AddrMode to 2 and Frame to 1.

As you see in my second image I don't know about Frames error.  And it's updated every time.  As you see is 16 but it can be higher than that.

Please Could you tell me the cause of those frame errors.

Thanks for help
with best regards
mac bahi

Sorry I don't know the cause of your error frames.

You mention you are using hardware Ox024, IX012, sc024, DM430 and Keypad.

Is it possible you may having conflicting identifiers? or is 1 of hardware devices on a difference Baudrate?

I have seen this before personally, a device with a different Baudrate will show as error when monitoring with CAN monitor.

I personally have only ever use AddrMode = 1, therefore I set a fixed Node/N1 in my Guide controller program and with Service Tool for the I/O module, this works flawlessly for me.


All device have same baudrate 250K. 

Yes I too have only use AddrMode=1.   And usually C1p02_pwr   update it's Ok.

But when I switch with AddrMode=2   the C1p02_pwr update is false.  I lose my communication with Ox024 and IX024.

I think is that the problem.

I don't know why C1p02_pwr  update is false in this cas, despite C1p02 volt = 12 V.

I hop have some answer from expert danfoss users.

Thank in advance for your help

With best regards

Mac bahi


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