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Does anyone have any info on how to create and use CCPs? I read a small bit about how to use them in the new GUIDE user manual but I can find nothing else in the manual or on Sauer's website about how to create them. I have a few algorithms I use in my embedded programming that I would like to bring over to PLUS+1 and see if they are useful. (I wouldn't want to wire up a CRC algorithm :))


Hi Tyler!

We are working on a manual with code examples attached to it. It is step by step how to work with CCP's

We will hopefully release it right after new year. We have a delayed delivery from Santa  :D

Best regards // Thomas


The document is now released but we are still waiting for the website to update and the example files.

Best regards // Thomas

Hi Thomas,

thanks for this information!
Which version of the Code Composer Studio is needed? CCS-Free, CCS-MCU or CCS-all?
Please don't tell me that we need to buy the huge version for >3000$.

Best regards,

Hi Rolf!

To my knowledge it should be enough with the free one.
It is important that you use the right compiler version as mentioned in the attached manual.

Please note that we are not able to support you how to create your C-Code, when you try to implement your debugged and tested C-Code into the GUIDE environment we can support you. We do not have the resources to handle the C-Code creation.

Best regards // Thomas


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