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How many OX024-010 can be controlled by a CAN Port


Hi Forum
Does anyone how many OX024-010 could be controlled by one Can Port? I´d like to use a MC050-010 with five output modules on one CAN1. CAN0 is Used to comunicate with an MC050-55 using 6 send and 3 receive messages.
Would it be better to set a few modules to CAN0?
Was there a rule of thumb for the CAN Traffic that is generated by the modules and one CAN message?

In my whole project i´d like to use 1x MC050-055 with 1x IX024-010 and 2x 12 Keyed Keypads (third party)
                                               1x MC050-010 with 5x OX024-010
                                               1x MC024-010 (turnindicators, headlights and Working lights)

Kind regards Gregor

Hi Gregor
I use CAN-king to measure the CAN-bus load, generally I try to keep the load below 60% leaving some room for the servicetool communication.
If the load exceeds 60% or there about, I try to split the CAN-bus traffic or change some timing of the messages.
Expansion modules such as the OX and IX generate a good deal of traffic, however you can lower the frequency of which the modules send different feedback values.
So it all depends on how you set up your timing.

I believe your project could be done on one CAN-bus, but splitting it up in two would most likely save you a lot of trouble.
Anyway that's my advice.

regards Jakob

Hi Gregor

Check the Technical Information of the Controller
On page 21 you can find the estimatet bus load and the memory usage of the each I/O- module.


Right you are Mebib, I knew that I had seen those numbers somewhere :)
Just keep in mind that the servicetool needs 30-40% to work properly.

Thank you Folks!
I will split the modules on the two CAN busses. 3/2 then i´ll have room for the Servietool and a few other messages on one CAN-port.
and i´d like to increase the bus speed up to 500 or even 1000 Kbit/s i think that will drop the bus load too.



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