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File to read OX, IX, and IOX data with service tool.


I've got two output expanders which I cannot yet control with my MC.
Service tool shows them with node ID 32 and 24, which translates to 3 and 4 in the CAN_Config page in the GUIDE template.
The other machine I'm working on has an OX, which I can control using address mode 1 (which uses the previously mentioned node ID).
However, this machine's output expanders do not seem to be set in address mode 1.
What file do I need for the service tool, so that I can:
1. See what address mode these output expanders are using.
2. Change the addressing mode of the output expanders.
It does not appear anywhere on the main GUIDE downloads page.

In the GUIDE, attached to the hwd-file from the OX-module you can find the folder "misc files". In there you will find the corresponding diagnostic file.

It turns out that it wasn't a comms issue, but an output-pin wiring issue.
In the future, however, this will be very useful!


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