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connecting IO modules to a controller

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Could someone tell me what exactly needs to be done to get information from the IO module connected to a controller? I've connected the IOX24 to the MC088 via CAN_1. I've added the necessary template in GUIDE, added a checkpoint the MC088's program connected to the 'Pwr' input of the IOX24 (taken from the 'IO_Bus' bus) and I get nothing.
Could someone explain what am I doing wrong?
When I download the program to the controller, the IO's green LED blinks, after which it starts to blink repeatedly with a 1sec interval.


It seems I can't reconfigure the IO module. Is there an instruction manual to get this thing working?

Check the IO settings in the program, the ones inside the IO template.
Then check the IO parameters with the servicetool.
 N1 , AddrMode , RX , TX.
Do you have other blank IO units connected on the CAN-bus?

The thing is that I can't change those settings in the device itself (I can change them in the program).
When I download the program to a MC with the IO connected, should the IO be reprogrammed as well or do I need to do some 'mumbo jumbo' on it?

A certain amount of mumbo jumbo is indeed needed.
Depending on the setup.

What address mode are you setting up?

First I used '0' - variable ID hoping that it's the one that will work the best (like a default value).
After that failed I've set it to '2' - fixed. I've also changed the frame to 29bit identifier and have set the Net to 1 (because the IO is connected to MC's CAN_1 - which has Net number '1').
However it still fails to deliver, as the ServiceTool still recognizes the IO card with a standard Net/ID of 0,0.
Additionally connecting the ServiceTool directly to the IO causes the red LED to flicker. Strange, considering the fact that the ServiceTool does not return any errors and CanKing shows output status message being sent.


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