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IOX-024 with MC088


I'm getting a compiler error of:

*** ERROR 63 ***  [GLINK]   MIXED SIGNAL TYPES: SIGNAL1: {C2p03.PinStatus}, TYPE1: {U8}, FILE1: {MAINMODULE.EXR}, SIGNAL2: {C2p03.PinStatus}, TYPE2: {U16} FILE2: {10108068V160.EXR}
Search results for: C2p03.PinStatus:
   Occurrence #1:
      MAINMODULE!TOP!Status1!C2p03_DOut!C2p03 (210,168)

It occurs for all of the OUTPUT pin numbers on the I/O Module that are also OUTPUT pin numbers on the MC088.  I've tried deleting the bus connection to PinStatus on the I/O module, but it has no effect.  Is there any fix for this?


Trace your components that are operating on the signals that are feeding the pins that are getting the errors... looks like you are switching from an Unsigned 8 (U8) to a Unsigned 16 (U16) without doing a ReType somewhere in your application.

Good luck...


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