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Using IO modules with programmable displays.


Is it possible to have IO modules communicate/work with SDF's programmable displays?
In their literature and website, it looks like they are only meant to hook up to the microcontrollers.
However, since:
- microcontrollers are programmable, and communicate on the CAN bus
- displays are programmable, and communicate on the CAN bus
- IO modules relay their pins via the CAN bus
So, it seems logical that the IO modules should be able to work with the displays directly, without needing a microcontroller also.

Is this possible?

I would say yes, it is possible.
But I have not tried it yet, it would be easy to try.
Im gonna make a quick try tomorrow, if nobody has knows for sure.

As we assumed, this was not a problem.
I just did a small setup with a DP250 and an IX024.


Be a little bit careful what you run of the I/O module, the loop time of a display is higher and therefore the reaction will not be as fast as from a MC controller. The display is working with graphics and that takes more time to process.


Thanks Thomas.
Good point.


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