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SC024_C2P07 FeddBackCurrent

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Even though the feedback is an S32, I think it is limited to S16 someplace.  The feedback current number you are seeing is the limit of a S16 number in the positive direction.

Since the output is only rated for 3 amps, I'm guessing they decided it wasn't needed to accurately measure above that.


So does that mean that I can read the actual current consumption by the load -with the SC controllers output-?

Currently on the MC controllers the "current output" is only a value that tells you what current output the controller can supply, not necesarily is the current consumption by the load or in other words it is not the real current consumption by the load.

I got an aplication where I choke the current going to my load, at the controller it tells me the current out is 500mA however my load sees only 20mA becuase of my rheostat, I really would like to see what current is been drawn by the load instead of what current the controller can possible supply.

so, Can the SC version do that? 
looks like it only is possible with the service tool, at the PIN configuration I see no any feedback current choice to be read, am I correct on this?

Thank you for the feedback


It is also possible to see the current on the MC controllers. Depending on which controller (and possibly HWD version) it may be called FeedBackCurrent or FeedBackValue.

If you want to read it in your program you will find it on the input bus for each pin. Attached screen shot is form MC050-110.

Hi Pinias,

Yes you can.  As acmall show you. 
I use SC024-120.
The problem is if your load exceeds more than 3A the feedbackcurrent value is not correct.  I think is baug problem.
For my SC024 test the current output is more than 5A without overload but feedbackcurrent is not correct.
So if your load is equal or less then 3A the FeedbackCurrent value is exact.

With best regards

ahh those variables are in the input side..

 >:( i pulled my air out for days trying to figure it

cool, great

thanks for the hint guys


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