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PGN RX Not Receiving Data


Hello, I am communicating with a Joystick by using the BJM1 Function Block. The PGN is set by default at 64982 and the source I am using is 51. All of this is working properly and communication is good. However, I tried the same thing with a PGN RX and I can not get it to work. Same PGN, same adress. I tried using the destination of my node, but by using PGN 64982, I think the destination is ignored anyway. Is there some wizard out here who knows why I can receive data just fine with the BJM1 Function Block, but not with the PGN RX?

The reason I want to use the PGN RX is so I can decode the data myself because the ''X axis Det'' and ''Y axis Det'' are not working in the BJM1 Function Block.

Can you share your code for us to review? Screenshot or .scs file.

OK so I finally found my problem. I had the function block BJM1 active and working properly. I then added the PGN RX and it didn't work. But then I deleted the BJM1 Function Block so there would only be the PGN RX connected to PGN 64982 and it works. I guess we cannot have two Function Block connected to the same PGN. I did not know that.

And I think it is doesn't work, if you put 2 RX modules in the program with same ID node.


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