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PLUS+1 GUIDE CANKing / Hex Mode
« Last post by FluidPowerTom on March 24, 2023, 04:47:23 PM »
Selecting hexadecimal mode really, really should change the output window to display in hexadecimal.  At this time all it does, as far as I can tell, it make it so that your messages that you create in there are entered in hex.  Another request would be easily making it so that messages sent can be cyclic instead of one time.

PCAN-VIEW has these features and is probably the main competitor.  I've actually switched over to it for testing just to use those features.
I/O Modules / Re: IOX024 Pulsing/Flashing Outputs
« Last post by Lukey on March 24, 2023, 08:11:50 AM »
Tom I tired changing the ExecTimeOut default of 100ms to 500ms, this did not rectify the issue, all it did was increase the time between pulsing, it was still there.

I'm still stumped as to what it could be.

Adding more to the story, I've just complete testing another project, again a DM430E, and this time a OX024, same issue can be found, Pulsing/Flashing Outputs.
This project program only has 1 PVEA output, no PI Loop.

So I can confirm/assuming the following;
Program not at fault
No particular model Expansion I/O modules at fault

The only constant here is the DM430E and Expansion module Outputs.

Can anyone comment to confirm that have used a DM430E and Expansion module Outputs successfully without issue?
I/O Modules / Re: IOX024 Pulsing/Flashing Outputs
« Last post by FluidPowerTom on March 21, 2023, 10:04:53 PM »
I'd be a little surprised if you were overloading the display's processor, but three PI loops might be doing it.  You might check to see what your ExecTimeWork, ExecTimeOut. amd ExecTime are set to.  Maybe you need to request a slower processing time (ExecTimeOut)?
PLUS+1 GUIDE / Re: Switching and connecting 2 analog signals
« Last post by Daan on March 21, 2023, 03:33:47 PM »
Hello Lukey

My apologies to all of you, I over looked this. But thanks for all the help! The program now works without any problems!  ;D
Code sharing / Re: Display/DM**** Bar Graph with Color Changing Indication
« Last post by Lukey on March 21, 2023, 03:09:51 PM »
Thanks acmall, found my issue was how i was addressing the RGB HEX Color code, I failed to put the required 00 on the end thus my graphic wasn't displaying correctly.

For others to reference see my code below, thanks!
PLUS+1 GUIDE / Re: Switching and connecting 2 analog signals
« Last post by Lukey on March 21, 2023, 03:00:21 PM »
Daan as FluidPowerTom said, try Switched 2 component.
Connect you ABS output value/s to each of the switch legs on the left of the Switch 2 component, the output leg of the Switch 2 then goes to the Currentout.
The switch leg on top of the Switch 2component connects to the >20 comparison component output.
You wont need the <20 comparison.
I/O Modules / Re: IOX024 Pulsing/Flashing Outputs
« Last post by Lukey on March 21, 2023, 02:50:42 PM »
Hi Tom yes I put checkpoints in the program for the PI loop output and then the PWM output of the loop, no issues there, constant output as desired.

I found that if I set the DefOutputValue (which is what the I/O module should do if comms are lost) of one of the MFOutputs to 1/True.
Consequently I then did not have any Pulsing/Flashing of that output, proving that it was a comms issue.

So then on a whim I changed the default settings of TimeOut_Outputs from 100 to 500ms.
Problem solved; kinda, I find on power up of the display and i/o module the outputs pulse for a few seconds, I'm assuming this is as the display and I/O module are establishing comms, so obviously there there is lots of traffic there, causing a >500ms delay on the output comms.

Unfortunately I cannot find any API documentation on the IOX024 module that elaborates further on the default settings.
I checked similar MC024 API documentation but there is nothing similar/referencing to TimeOut_Outputs

I don't believe that I could/should be overloading the DM430E processors with the program, is there anyway to test/tell?
Bus load is on average 6% as viewed with the service tool connected.
The screen definitions I believe are simple, only a pressure feedback numerical and bar graph display and numerical pressure input value,
I have similar on 3 different screen definitions, each controls/inputs to 3 PI loops and thus 3 PWM outputs.
Or is that pushing the envelop for the DM430E capabilities?
PLUS+1 GUIDE / Re: Switching and connecting 2 analog signals
« Last post by Daan on March 21, 2023, 10:06:37 AM »
Thank you for the information G30RG3 and FLuidPowerTom!

I understand the comparison with the supply voltage, but I don't understand how and with what it is connected to the scaling? You talk about a certain switch but I don't really know what component you mean by this. I have only recently started programming in PLUS+1 GUIDE, so I have not mastered the program very well. Would it be possible to show an example of the components or tell me where to find them?

Thanks in advance for all your time and help!
PLUS+1 GUIDE / Re: Switching and connecting 2 analog signals
« Last post by FluidPowerTom on March 20, 2023, 10:52:13 PM »
As G3 was mentioning you could use a comparison on the source voltage.  For most controllers that'll be C1P2.voltage, and you could just check to see if it's greater than 20V to determine which voltage source you've got.

No, you can't connect the signals as you've done in that image.  You will want to use either a Boolean Switch or a couple of Value Connect components along with that comparison that I mentioned.
PLUS+1 GUIDE / Re: Switching and connecting 2 analog signals
« Last post by G30RG3 on March 20, 2023, 05:33:32 PM »
Compare the source voltage to a fixed value, the output from that compare can be used to (binary) switch the right result from your scaling operation.
Or if needed compare the source voltage to a few fixed values to switch between the scaled outputs and in a "in between source voltage" give a fixed voltage that is "out of range" to provoke an error
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