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Hello to everybody,

I need to control many S90 pumps, both directions, in a safe way (crawlers, tools, ecc.); I thought to use the S90 function block with a pin_config=8 but the problem is that an MC050 could controls only two pumps in this manner.

Is there somebody that could suggest me an alternative?

Thanks in advance,


Why are you using a pinconfig of 8? The blocks use 4 and that is what I have always used with or without the block. This would allow at least 4 pumps per MC050.

I'm using pin config=8 because permits to control both pump directions trough 2 pins without any external ground connected to the load.
According with FMEA considerations edited by Sauer if the controller lose the ground (pin 1), any load (coil, relay, ecc...) connected to an external ground will be turned on, this because the controller will find the ground trough the load, with the consequences that you could imagine.
You can easily test it on your break-out board....

We have functions to control, like tracks and tools, that require special safety features to prevent any possible injuries....



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