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Controllers / Re: Poka-Yoke
« Last post by ramzilla on December 18, 2023, 04:19:27 PM »
You could use a resistance input, if available, on each controller and assign a resistance value to a known source address. If the source address and resistance value do not match you could disable the system and alert the user that the hardware is in the wrong location.
Controllers / Poka-Yoke
« Last post by dlewis on December 18, 2023, 01:10:09 PM »
This is the reason for my inquiry into SHIELDS.

We have several systems that use multiple Plus+1 controllers. Many of them utilize the same hardware with different programs in different locations on the machine. (Our largest system uses 10 displays and controllers) We had two occasions lately in which the wrong controller was placed in the wrong location on the machine.  As you can guess, this caused an issue.  Thankfully, no one and nothing was hurt.  But it brought to our attention, that this is an issue.

Does anyone have any brilliant ideas on how we can Poka-Yoke the harness location with a programmed controller?  I've got a couple of ideas, but I was wondering if anyone else has something they've used successfully.

Displays / Re: Lifetime NVmem Erase/Write for DM430E
« Last post by Marbek_Elektronik on December 18, 2023, 12:51:36 PM »
Here it is DP570, but it is the same technique:

"FRAM Memory
DP570 Series Displays use Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM). FRAM has a write endurance of
over 100 trillion cycles, which is ideal for datalogging. 2kB is available for application."
Displays / DM430M With Widget library issues
« Last post by samuelhj on December 18, 2023, 04:30:24 AM »

I'm working on an application for a device that needs to display forward and reverse movement and due to size restrictions we're using the DM430M.

I started off using the widget library and the gauges there seem to work alright, except, I cannot for the love of my life figure out how to make them start at 0. If I choose the input value to be -100 to 100 I cannot get it to stick to 0, it'll always show the needle to be at 0 without showing values to -100. I must be doing something wrong right?

If this is the case, does anyone have a custom widget that does exactly that, go from 0 to -100 and moves the needle from 0-100?
I'm willing to pay for professional assistance (If that's even allowed on this forum, sorry if it ain't)

I'm a bit dumbfound that this is an issue I'm facing and hasn't been solved already, I'm almost 100% certain I must be making a mistake somewhere.
Displays / Re: Lifetime NVmem Erase/Write for DM430E
« Last post by samuelhj on December 18, 2023, 02:30:40 AM »
I'm doing quite a bit of an educated guesses here from my limited experience with the DM430, but they seem to use STM32F777 series and their flash cycle per datasheet is about 10k cycles if my memory serves right, however they could be using an external NVRAM for data storage which would make it a bit impossible to guess unless just opening one of those displayes and look at the hardware inside. What I believe plus1 is doing is writing stored values to EEPROM which has ~100k write cycles (or at least that's how I'd do it).

The better question is, why would you need to write so often to a flash memory or eeprom that this is a question, unless for pure education purposes. (I also assumes plus1 is doing something in the background to preserve flash or eeprom memory, or at least they should).
Controllers / Re: SHIELDS
« Last post by FluidPowerTom on December 15, 2023, 04:59:31 PM »
The consequences of not hooking it up are that the CAN bus is less robust to electromagnetic interference.  If your CAN bus is relatively short this is maybe not a big deal at all.  If your CAN bus stretches out over the boom of a crane then I'd recommend terminating the CAN cable shield to ground so as not to risk com errors.
Controllers / Re: SHIELDS
« Last post by Lukey on December 14, 2023, 11:35:31 PM »
It is not necessary, that is why the Pin can be used as an Input.

I have used the CAN Shield Pin as an input many times without issue or consequence.
Controllers / SHIELDS
« Last post by dlewis on December 14, 2023, 08:33:45 PM »
Is it NESSASARY to connect the CANbus shield to the shield pins on the controllers and displays?  What are the consequences of not doing so?  I'd like to use the shield pin as an analog input on all my controllers.
Displays / Re: DM1000 CHART
« Last post by Nickyk on December 13, 2023, 01:58:22 PM »
Hey Pinias,

I'm looking into doing something similar in a DM1200T. Did you in the meantime figure something out to do this?
PLUS+1 CS Hardware / Re: Connect Portal API
« Last post by Beezkneez on December 08, 2023, 07:52:06 PM »
I got word from helpdesk that the API has been pushed back even further. They are thinking the API will be released mid-late 2024 now. I am not sure what API Palfinger appears to use in the marketing video but it sounds like it isn't available to other OEM's.
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